Use these apps to share your stories or read books from other aspiring writers

If you've been scribbling down all the stories that pop up in your vivid imagination for a while now, the thought of finding venues to share them on has probably passed your mind a few times by now. After all, Facebook Notes isn't gonna cut it forever. Alternatively, you could be a hungry, hungry reader, who loves to grind through every story they can get their hands on, so a place to find some free short stories, written by aspiring authors is always a welcome thing, right?

Well, as it happens, there are a few services out there that allow writers to publish their books in ebook format, and readers to check them out for free. Some of the apps even act as one-stop hub for consumers, allowing them to mix up their library by downloading amateur books and purchasing novels from famous authors. So check these 4 out, see if any of them tickle your fancy.


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Wattapad boasts about offering over 20 million free stories, spanning a variety of different genres for you to read through. It allows you to experience the books of other authors, connect, and offer feedback, as well as publish your own novels and get some criticism from the community. It's among the biggest services for “social writing”, so it's a platform you definitely should subscribe to, if you want your stories to reach a lot of readers.


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Penned is not as popular, but still a good enough app to share your writing with and seek inspiration from. It's based entirely around amateur writers and all the stories are free. You can find your favorite authors and follow them, give feedback, get feedback, et cetera – the regular social media stuff. Don't be afraid if you don't have a complete book on your hands – you can add chapters to your stories and gradually unfold the full novel to your readers. The cool thing here is that genres span from romance, to song lyrics, to just opinion pieces – so you can just blurt that thought that has been bothering you for the world to read!


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As the name suggests, Poemz is about poetry. So, if you have a rather structured way of expressing yourself, love rhymes, and adore leaving things a bit vague – this may be your venue! Of course, readers also need apply, as an app where everyone uploads, but no one reads, will quickly become a slang synonym for echo chamber.


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Inkvite's primary goal is to unlock your creativity and get you out of a rut. You can read short stories by other users, start a short story of your own, or start a collaboration. The collab mode is in the form of “turns” and pairs you up with anyone and everyone who chose that they want to write in the same genre as you. Some pretty cool stories could come out of that, eh?


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