Updated images of the LG VX9100 enV2

Updated images of the LG VX9100 enV2
PhoneArena was the first web site to bring you exclusive images of the LG VX9100 last month.New images have surfaced today, showing that there will two color versions available (Black and Maroon), and a rumor that Verizon may label the phone as the enV2. These images also confirm that it will sport a theme similar to the one used on the Voyager.

The VX9100 is an upgrade to the enV, with a more streamlined appearance; featuring a QVGA internal display, stereo speakers, 2MP camera, microUSB port, and a microSDHC memory card slot. Unfortunately, only a WAP browser will be included on the device.

LG VX9100 is expected to be released in Q2, around the same time as the VX8610, yet there is still no word on pricing. Please continue to visit PhoneArena, as we will bring you new information about the VX9100 as it becomes available.

source: Engadget Mobile.



1. George unregistered

I think the front screen is wayy to small...even smaler than the enV's! The maroon looks ok, but a little funky. (maybe cause I'm not a big fan of the color red.) But this phone looks soo musch better than the enV...a fresh new look and it looks pretty good. Way to go VERIZON!

27. unregistered

you are correct!i just got the env2 and its great. way to go verizon!! haha

2. gadget geek unregistered

Looks like a calculator....

3. T-Money3000 unregistered

Iono folks..... I just got the Voyager and I still think I got my money's worth.... plus working for VZW gives me that extra discount too. lol But I agree: front screen looks small and waaayy to boxy looking.

4. Sammo unregistered

My hope is that this phone will do well but I hope that LG has learned it's lesson from the Voyager experience. Speakphone and ring tone volume was horrible on the Voyager so I hope it gets better. Other than that, it's a hot phone.

40. sd unregistered

it has

5. unregistered

looks kind of ugly

39. sd unregistered

the maroon doe's but not the black

6. Chuck unregistered

Hopefully it's like the Voyager in that the camera is recessed and the device sits flat. huge flaw and a huge step backward in the enV.

30. unregistered

yeah it does the camera on the enV 2 doesnt pop out of the phone like the first one

7. Joey unregistered

The photos of the 9100 from before looked way better! These make the phone look cheaper, and like a pocket calculator. They should really think about going back to the design they had for the pre-production model .. because these just look like they won't sell very well.

38. sd unregistered

not really its kind of nice

8. T-HUFF unregistered


37. sd unregistered


9. DMBrazil unregistered

Its rumored to be available by the end of the second quarter (which is march 31st). Is it possible that this phone will be announced and shipped within 2 weeks?

10. sinfulta unregistered

Like I said before... I'm glad I was able to leak some info to phonearena.com (my favorite phone site btw), and remember people the front screen is small, but the whole phone is smaller all around. The length is almost a inch shorter, and it finally doesn't have the camera hump. It's going to make the phone seem a lot smaller over all. Since when is end of second quarter March 31st? June is the end of second quarter. I was told this phone will be available around mid to late april. Cause I know VZW wants this phone out before graduation time.

11. unregistered

hmmm i was looking at the closed pictures of the 9100 and the date says April 20th i feel special... thats my birthday :]

32. unregistered

its also 4-20 (national weed day) hahaha now you must really love your birthday

12. T-HUFF unregistered


13. Nick unregistered

In response to #9, the end of the second quarter would be June not March. I like the overall look better than the enV (wife has one). On the front it could use a larger screen and a little smaller buttons.

36. sd unregistered

ya thats true

14. Mike unregistered

looks like a cool phone...wayyyyy better than the enV. I like the bigger buttons on the front...the ones on the enV were annoying. Also, although we all want a bigger screen, it is only for regular functions like calling, and if the screen is smaller for the sake of the phone's size, then I think I could deal with the small screen. O, and I hope the have a flash! (though doubtful since the Voyager didn't have one.)

15. yo mommmaasss son! unregistered

i loveeeee it. but is it going to be that actual small (like in the top pictures) and what other colors might it come in, because i hate when i buy a phone and they come out with an even better color. grr. that happened the last time. makes me maddd. anywho, its sexy as a mother #$@%&*!

16. unregistered

where is the left and right arrow on the front?

31. unregistered

there are none cause you are limited on the menu from the front side but thats why they made the bigger screen on the inside cause you can activate more on that side

17. daniel unregistered

its supposed to come out later this month and will be 139.00 after a 50.00 rebate

18. curran unregistered

it really is my birthday and i will ill brag about my phone so much. any way your probly just some loser who just got the old enV and has to take his anger out on some one!

19. unregistered

yeah well i will get my fellow pimp Harry Potter to cast some crazy spell on your new enV so it is like a toad and my old enV will still be beast. I LUV U HARRY !!@#$%^&*(

35. sd unregistered

your crazy

20. Jared unregistered

it's so uglyyyyyyyyyyyyy the old env is 10000000000 times better

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