Update brings some Froyo features of the Android Market to Eclair powered phones

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Update brings some Froyo features of the Android Market to Eclair powered phones
Some owners of Android 2.1 flavored phones like the Motorola Milestone, Samsung Vibrant and Samsung Fascinate are finding themselves able to set automatic updates for their apps and do other things that are usually available only to those with Froyo flavored Android handsets. It seems that some holders of Eclair phones are the recipients of a "silent" upgrade in the Android Market from build 1714 to build 2007.

If you own an Android 2.1 device, let us know if you notice some new features that you have in the Android Market. If you have not yet received the new build, we would assume that it is coming to you soon. Now, as far as that Froyo upgrade is concerned...

source: AndroidCentral



5. Samsung4life unregistered

I received the update to the market sometime last week on my Samsung Moment.

4. GT unregistered

Have 1.6 on MT3G. I am seeing the new layout on the Market. It shows auto update. Is this coming to all versions of Android?

3. spiceman unregistered

I downloaded my update OTA on 10-5 for my Vibrant. It sputterd at first (Swipe,Search and page changes) but after a restart it was fine. The G.P.S. works now but one of my apps video player stopped working. Other video apps work fine but my favorite, (Notepad), won't play videos anymore. The update also added a H.D.video shortcut into the app section. To access the video player before you had to start with the camera. I can't wait for froyo. They told me one month 2 months ago. I'm sure phone arena will report all the info first. I love you guys. Keep up the good work..................

2. skymitch89 unregistered

I've go the Sprint HTC Hero and the other day I was trying to update one of my apps, but it took longer than normal (about 30min insted of 1min). When I went back into the market, it was way different and I thought that my phone had been OTA updated to 2.2 but sadly it wasn't.

1. Mattias unregistered

Yes, I have seen that automatic updating feature in the Market app on my HTC Legend.

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