Unicode 9 arrives with 72 new emoji, including selfie, facepalm, and bacon

Unicode 9 arrives with 72 new emoji, including selfie, facepalm, and bacon
Unicode version 9.0 is now available with 7,500 new characters, adding to a total of 128,172 characters. The new additions include new scripts, 19 symbols for the 4K standard and, of course, a myriad of new emoji – 72, to be exact.

The rifle and condom emojis, the latter suggested by Durex last year, are nowhere to be seen. As for the former, it was reportedly voted out of Unicode 9.0 largely thanks to Apple's hard lobbying to remove it from the 2016 list of candidates. On the other hand, we now have a bacon, a facepalm and a selfie emoji. Among the new additions are also a kiwi cut in half, a baguette, a wilted flower and a lizard.

We have put together a collection of all the new emoji designed in the “Google style”, so check it out in the gallery below. If you want to see the other styles, head over to the official Unicode website for a chart. The new emoji should be available in Android N this summer and in Windows with the Anniversary update scheduled for July. As for iOS – since they are not present in the iOS 10 beta – they might be added in the final release this fall.

There are also six new scripts and characters for lesser-used languages added to Unicode 9.0:

  • Osage, a Native American language
  • Nepal Bhasa, a language of Nepal
  • Fulani and other African languages
  • The Bravanese dialect of Swahili, used in Somalia
  • The Warsh orthography for Arabic, used in North and West Africa
  • Tangut, a major historic script of China

source: Unicode Blog via Windows Central

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