Unacceptably flawed foldable phones like Galaxy Z are why Apple doesn't want to make one

Unacceptably flawed foldable phones like Galaxy Z keeping Apple from entering the category
Earlier this month, a reliable source reported that Apple was working on two foldable iPhone prototypes, fueling rumors that the company's first bendable phone might not be a long way off. We need to keep our expectations in check as a reliable journalist says Apple has no plans to start selling a foldable phone anytime soon.

Per earlier reports, even though Apple has been testing its prototypes and reverse engineering foldable phones from other manufacturers, durability and utility concerns are making it question the idea of producing a foldable iPhone.

According to a rumor from China, a display supplied by Samsung that Apple used in one of its prototypes couldn't survive durability testing, forcing the company to give up on the idea until a tougher bendable screen was created. 

This leak was soon contradicted by another rumor, which said work was still going on and Apple transferred many employees who were working on the Vision Pro to the foldable team. The report even said that Apple would announce its first foldable iPhone in October 2026.

If all these rumors are making you dizzy, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, one of the most reliable sources in the tech world, has also weighed in on the situation.

He says that even though Apple has been exploring the form factor for the last several years, the shortcomings currently associated with foldable phones, such as fragility and creased screens, are unacceptable to Apple, which is why it has not brought one to the market so far.

He adds that Apple's first foldable product will be a bendable iPad, which is something we have heard before as well.

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Since people don't carry their iPads in their pockets and they are also not expected to be as slim as smartphones, it makes sense for Apple to test the waters with a foldable iPad before manufacturing a foldable iPhone.

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