Ultraslim Vivo XPlay 5S pops up again, wants nothing to do with previous leaks

Claimed Vivo XPlay 5S leaks again with an ultraslim chassis
It's about time for one of the more interesting Chinese phone makers to release its next high-end handset, and the Vivo Xplay 5S is seemingly on the verge of being revealed to the world, judging from all the recent leaks and tips about it.

Today's Vivo Xplay 5S picture portion comes as its biggest leak yet, revealing an impossibly slim body, which is said to be around 4mm, and hair-thin side bezels. These pics look totally different than the ones that leaked last week, so this might be another Vivo coming down the pipe, while the previous leak could be the real 5S. After all, the Xplay 3S was the first phone announced with QHD screen resolution, while the handset that leaked last week is rumored to arrive with a 6" 4K display, so it would be more logical that it is the real 5S successor, rather than the one that popped up today.

In any case, the phone you see below largely follows the aesthetics of the X5Pro, with rounded corners, and a camera tucked in the upper left corner, but the lens seems to be protruding more. The purported 5S here looks even slimmer and with thinner bezels than the already extremely thin 6.4mm X5 Pro. The Xplay 5S is said to be unveiled tomorrow, so not much to wait before the puzzle falls into place.

source: Vivo forums via G4Games

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