*UPDATED* iPhone 3G: more expensive plan, free swap for recent purchases - PhoneArena

*UPDATED* iPhone 3G: more expensive plan, free swap for recent purchases

iPhone 3G: Cheaper out the door, more expensive overall
iPhone 3G users may get a deal on the phone, but will be paying more for their monthly service. The original iPhone plan ran $20 whereas the 3G plan will cost $30. We are told included messaging will remain at 200 texts/month. Business users can expect to pay $45/month. Now we understand where that $199 price tag came from.

On the bright side, if you purchased your iPhone after May 27th AT&T will allow you to swap out to the 3G at no cost. Of course, the new phones are $200 less and there's no mention of a refund, and you have to resign a two year contract, but hey its something! The 3G won't be available online and can't be activated in home either, only at Apple and AT&Tstores. Better clear your schedule on July 11th...and 12th, just to besafe.

source: Gizmodo, twice

Update: According to PhoneDog, AT&T head man Ralph De La Vega has also confirmed that the previously included 200 text messages are gone.  That means at least another $5/month, bringing the two year difference up from $240 to $360.  Of course text messaging is optional, but Steve himself said 90% of iPhone users are doing it.  At this rate the $199 is looking more and more like a ripoff rather than a steal!
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