*UPDATED* iPhone 3G: more expensive plan, free swap for recent purchases

*UPDATED* iPhone 3G: more expensive plan, free swap for recent purchases
iPhone 3G users may get a deal on the phone, but will be paying more for their monthly service. The original iPhone plan ran $20 whereas the 3G plan will cost $30. We are told included messaging will remain at 200 texts/month. Business users can expect to pay $45/month. Now we understand where that $199 price tag came from.

On the bright side, if you purchased your iPhone after May 27th AT&T will allow you to swap out to the 3G at no cost. Of course, the new phones are $200 less and there's no mention of a refund, and you have to resign a two year contract, but hey its something! The 3G won't be available online and can't be activated in home either, only at Apple and AT&T stores. Better clear your schedule on July 11th...and 12th, just to be safe.

source: Gizmodo, twice

Update: According to PhoneDog, AT&T head man Ralph De La Vega has also confirmed that the previously included 200 text messages are gone.  That means at least another $5/month, bringing the two year difference up from $240 to $360.  Of course text messaging is optional, but Steve himself said 90% of iPhone users are doing it.  At this rate the $199 is looking more and more like a ripoff rather than a steal!



1. gray25 unregistered

that extra $10 bucks for 3g data is BS. Its just way to suck out 10 more dollars out of their customer's pockets. They act like its a whole new network when its just the same network but faster.

13. unregistered

if you don't want to pay $10 extra for 3g then don't get it. It amazes me that after all these years people are still sticker shocked. Nothing in life is free.

15. unregistered

Not only that but it's considered a Smartphone now and all other smart phones with AT&T pay $30 for data. Doesn't seem like much of a surprise to me.

24. gray25 unregistered

relax man...im not sticker priced or anything Im just pointing out the obvious...they do not tneed to raise the data plan $10....thats all

30. Viper Matrix XM

Posts: 6; Member since: Jun 06, 2008

Ok Everybody! Stop Pannicking! As You Know AT&T Is Not The Only GSM Company! Alot Of Times People Buy Their I-Phone From AT&T, Then Take It To T-Mobile! Go-To A T-Mobile Phone! Tell Them You Want To Bring Your I-Phone There! Even Tho You Can't Get 3G (Except In New York) You Can Get EDGE! Remember! AT&T Only Offers 3G In Popular Cities & States! You'll Be Saving Alot Of Money At T-Mobile, I'll Demonstrate: Voice: AT&T Has 900 For 59.99! 1350 For 79.99! Unlimited For 99.99! T-Mobile Has 600 For 39.99! 1000 For 49.99! 1500 For 59.99! As Well As MyFaves For 10 More! Unlimited TMO 2 TMO For 6.99! Nights & Weekends Are Soon To Start @ 7pm Right Now 9pm! * Remember! T-Mobile Throws A Promotion Every Year For New Customers! It Starts That 1000 Will Drop To 39.99 & 1500 To 49.99! When This Happens Current Customers Also Can Switch But Will Have To Add Another 2 Years! * Remember! T-Mobile Is #1 In The World! Verizon Is #1 In The U.S.! T-Mobile Has #2 Biggest Coverage In The U.S.! Check All Carriers Coverage Maps! AT&T Is Like Sprint! * Remember! T-Mobile Has #1 Customer Service Very Friendly Than At&t! They Will Work With You! Also Told Any Phone Like That Can Have Insurance That Is Bought At T-Mobile For 5.99 A Month! This Is For Any Phone! You'll Pay A Deductible Still! But Is Worth It! Data: At&t Charges 30 For Data! T-Mobile Charges 20! Messaging: T-Mobile: It's 14.99 For Everything! Text, Picture, IM & Video! AT&T: It's 19.99 For Everything! Visual Voicemail Is One More Thing Not Available At T-Mobile! T-Mobile Has Less Dropped Calls Than AT&T! T-Mobile In The U.K. Has The I-Phone & Does Well! Who Agrees!? Also If You Don't Qualify For A Contract At AT&T! T-Mobile Has Flexpay! Contract Prices! Same Features Available! Credit Card Required For Flexpay!

34. Gameguy236 unregistered

Their saying its impossible to use the 3g with t-mobile or any other gsm service provider. If this is true then only way you can use the iphone on t-mobile is with the old iphone.

36. unregistered

its not impossible, but to buy the iphone youll have to sign a two year contract with att

40. unregistered

DO YOUR HOMEWORK!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! First of all T-Mobile doesn't work in all states. Matter of fact T-Mobile had roaming agreements with AT&T so they used their towers anyway. Had to buy Suncom to get into other states, in which there will still be poor coverage and poor service, because there are no longer any roaming agreements between AT&T, SunCom and T-Mobile. (Do your homework!) Can change plans at anytime NO CONTRACT extensions!! Verizon is the #1 carrier because they bought Alltel. Before all of that it was AT&T. (Do your homework!) T-Mobile's plans are cheap for a reason. AT&T has phone insurance for 4.99 for ALL phones EXCEPT the iPhone. (Do your homework!) 3G is available in most states and cities. Not New York only. (Do your homework!) Who cares if T-Mobile is in the UK, we're in US. AT&T works and T-Mobile uses their towers. They don't have the iPhone and won't for another 4 years. And by AT&T will be on bigger and better things. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!

41. unregistered

T-Mobile does not have the nationwide network that AT&T does. I am in South Carolina now and lived in North Carolina all my life. The closest place anyone can even get to to a T-Mobile is in Virginia and Georgia. That's a pretty big gap. Plus this goes back to you get what you pay for. AT&T is more expensive because they have more to offer with their service than T-Mobile. If they had less dropped calls then why don't they have 70,000,000 plus subscribers like AT&T

42. unregistered

Thank you for saying all that. All very true.....Read number 43 from me

45. unregistered

Alright coming from a VZW rep the only reason ATT was biggest is because of the merger with alltell when they merged they were ahead of us 12 million customers we in 2 years caught up and were only down 3. The 3g iphone is a joke it wont even work anywhere outside of the major cities. And who cares about T-mobile they only work on highways and interstates lol. Look at our coverage map for EVDO we smash ATT and anybody really.

52. lorintaiwan

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 13, 2008

Ok, I AM a VZW rep. At&t with soon to be the 2nd largest network actually will offer a lot with it's plan. DATA VZW: Min Plan 39.99 with + $44.99 for Data, ($30 for Blackberry) AT&T: Min Plan 59.99 MESSAGING VZW: $5/250 msg, $10/500 msg, + Unl VZW Messaging, $15/1500 msg, + Unl VZW Messaging, $20/5000 msg, + Unl VZW Messaging. Unlimited Texting Plans range +$30 and up AT&T: 19.99 For Everything Visual Voicemail VZW: N/A AT&T: Yes Incl in Plan Mulit-media videos VZW: $15 for VCast Vpak -- web clips, shopping for songs and ringtones, access to YouTube AT&T: Incl in Plan. GPS Navigator VSW: $9.99/month for VZ Navigator, 2.99/for 24 hour use AT&T: Google maps, GPS (on iPhone 3g) Incl in Plan Memory: VZW: Need expandable memory 512 MB - 8GB (In most cases) Cost of card $15 - $70 AT&T: 8 GB or 16 GB Mobile to Mobile VZW: Included AT&T: Included Rollover Minutes VZW: N/A AT&T: Included In most cases it's the iPhone not AT&T that makes it a cut above the rest.

56. unregistered

note: AT&T does not offer insurance for the blackberry curve, so you need to do some homework too...

57. unregistered

i have the AT&T blackberry curve and i'm paying $30 for unlimited internet, $20 for unlimited messaging, and GPS navigation would cost me another $10. wtf?

58. unregistered

Especially with AT&T

63. unregistered

as a matter a fact they do offer insurence on all their pda's except I Phone. You need to pay your little VZ spies a little better that way you will get precise info

68. unregistered

true that my friend!

69. unregistered

FYI. At&t is the lartest GSM carrier in the US and their coverage is alot better than TMOBILE.. Ever Heard the saying "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR"

2. XxTNTxX

Posts: 12; Member since: May 12, 2008

I'm a VZW dude but im debating whether to buy and resell a couple of these things.. does any one think this will be hot on eBay or would I not get that much of a return?

3. Anomalies

Posts: 61; Member since: Jun 08, 2008

Why would you do that? Haha I mean, you can go into an apple store and buy them without a service plan? So I dunno. But who can argue with making money?

5. unregistered

it would appear that purchase requires a contract this time around. apple was obviously pissed about them being unlocked

21. unregistered

I think apple could care less, its att that was loosing the money, apple was getting paid for the phone purchase just no profit sharing, this is all att not apple

4. the champ unregistered

weird, ATT wanted to grow revenue, and they have a data plan that is IDENTICAL to the verizon data plan. weird.....weird and I would think that the 199 PP is a subsidized cost, I.E. 2 year contracts...no full retail iphones.

6. unregistered

wow...thats crazy. an additional fee for a sub-par data network. whatever i guess.

7. unregistered

actually, AT&T is supposed to drop the data plans by $10.00. I would know bc i work for the company.

8. unregistered

if this dummy works for the company, they would have realized that AT&T did raise the data plans

9. unregistered

Why would AT&T lower the Data plan? It matches Verizon and a lot of people will pay whatever it ttakes to get the iphone. They proved this with the first one.

10. unregistered

He doesn't work for AT&T....he's just a fanboy!

60. unregistered

maybe he's the greeter

64. unregistered

Hey 7 , if you work for the comapny please let me know who your manager is so that I can fire you both!!! Its stupid reps like you that make the rest of look bad. Do us all a favor and please quit...

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