UPDATED: Nokia's Maemo powered N900 is all wet

UPDATED: Nokia's Maemo powered N900 is all wet
Testing the Nokia N900 for how well it survives being hit by raindrops and what kind of water damage it will sustain after being exposed to moisture, means having to get the internet centric device all wet. With the first test, the N900 is able to keep going despite the simulation of a driving rain. Next, the handset was dropped onto hard concrete in the cold. More moisture was applied, but the N900 kept going. Finally, after the testing ended, the device stopped working and was placed in a container of rice to draw the moisture out of it. No word on if the N900 was brought back to life. But we can safely say that it will take more than a drizzle to damage the phone. In fact, judging by the amount of water required to get the model to stop working, anyone who has a N900 that dies from exposure to moisture probably has no business owning a cellphone to begin with.

Nokia N900 Specifications | Review

source: DailyMobile

Fortunately, it looks like these guys managed to bring the poor N900 back to life after drowning it in rice. Hooray! You can check the video below now.

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