UPDATED: Motorola DROID update coming tomorrow? NOT

Motorola DROID update coming tomorrow?

The text message this person received about doing a *228 on their phone is to update the Personal Roaming List (PRL) on the phone and not about Android 2.1 update.
If this update wasn't so important to a lot of people, it wouldn't keep getting the attention that it does. But for the third time in the last few weeks, it appears that DROID owners are very close to getting the Android 2.1 firmware upgrade which will allow them to Pinch-to-Zoom in the browser, just like that other famous smartphone from Apple. An Android and Me reader sent the site a tweet, saying he had received a text message from Verizon telling him Android 2.1 will start heading to DROID handsets tomorrow, March 23rd, beginning at 7am. Besides being able to pinch your way through web pages, the upgrade will bring a new photo gallery that will also use Pinch-to-Zoom on individual pictures. Videos taken of a DROID powered by Android 2.1 show how much more smoothly the device scrolls and how much faster the handset is, running applications. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, so we're hopeful that with CTIA 2010 opening Tuesday, Motorola and Verizon get their act together and finally press the button that gets this long awaited download done. Has any other DROID owner received this message?

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source: Twitter, AndroidandMe

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