Typos fixed, Verizon's Nexus One has no Sense

Typos fixed, Verizon's Nexus One has no Sense
Yesterday we showed you Verizon's Equipment Guide for the Nexus One that showed that Big Red's variant of the phone would have Sense UI on top of Android 2.1. Apparently, the document contained some typos including listing the wrong Snapdragon chip and an incorrect URL for Google's online phone store. Verizon corrected the typos and Android Central has the corrected edition which shows that while the N-One will not be sold at Verizon stores as written, the handset will NOT be equipped with the Sense UI. You would think that Verizon would have a proof reader, but perhaps it was just wishful thinking on the part of the carrier.

HTC Nexus One Specifications | Review

source: AndroidCentral

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