Two new areas to get AT&T's LTE service

Two new areas to get AT&T's LTE service
AT&T is bringing its 4G LTE service to new new areas. Congratulations Tampa, Florida and Raleigh, North Carolina. Now these areas will be known for more than just Busch Gardens and Prince Albert in a can, respectively. The service extends as far as Manatee, Florida and Durham, North Carolina. If you are in the coverage area, you will be able to get data on your Samsung GALAXY Note LTE (starting on February 19th, of course) at speeds up to ten times faster than what you would have been experiencing with 3G.

With 28 markets now covered by LTE, AT&T trails Verizon by a large margin in the coverage department. However, late last year, we passed along the results of a study that showed AT&T's LTE service to be faster than Verizon's LTE network. As for its advantages over 3G service besides speed, AT&T's LTE service also offers lower latency times, which is the time it takes for information to move data through a pipeline. The lower latency times makes playing video games over a mobile device more enjoyable while improving the functionality of other applications like video chat. AT&T also notes that LTE is more efficient than older technologies, allowing for more space to be available to carry more data. And AT&T also notes that bringing LTE service to an area means that those who will be in the range of AT&T's LTE signal will be able to choose from some cool new 4G phones, like the previously mentioned Samsung GALAXY Note LTE.

source: AT&T


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