Two gPhones coming soon?

Two gPhones coming soon?
PBS’s Robert Cringely, claims to have received information on two upcoming Google branded phones. The gPhones will be produced by Samsung, but there is a rumor that HTC might participate in the enterprise too. Both phones will support WiFi and will probably have VoIP client as well. The OS the gPhones are going to run on is Google’s own Android, of course. According to the source, one of them, the high-end model, will be available in September and the cheaper one after Christmas. The fact that Google is negotiating with both Verizon and T-Mobile hints that the gPhones will come in both GSM and CDMA variants. No additional information is available at the moment.

source: PBS via IntoMobile



1. DeeBee unregistered

i'[m dissapointed, thought the gphones will be made by google itself, but this looks interesting anyway, although it's samsung (blah)

2. darkness unregistered

you're an idiot. Do you really think that Google will build a factory and spend millions or even billions of dollars to make gPhones? Of course not, they save and make more money by having other manufacturers i.e. Samsung make their phones for them and have run their Android OS. Samsung and Google made a smart choice with their partnership, now they can make money off of each other. " You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours!"

3. DaveDaGr8 unregistered

It's good that we have something new in the market!!! as PDA's OS...Yeah!!!Darkness, you're right! man!!! right now, it's about combination of big companies... they join to make the best things for consumers....Well can't wait and see what it looks like!!!

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