Twitter fixes the bug that bans people for posting the word “Memphis”

Twitter fixes the bug that bans people for posting the word “Memphis”
Remember the strange Telugu word that used to crash iPhones? Or the four characters that froze Skype? Well, the internet is full of strange bugs and Twitter users know it first hand. The latest Twitter bug got people banned for posting the simple word “Memphis.”

Our friends at Gizmodo reported the issue last Sunday, and it seems that many people took advantage of the bug and baited other users to post “Memphis” and get banned. The word somehow triggered Twitter’s privacy rules. People who fell for the trap and tweeted “Memphis” got their accounts suspended for 12 hours with limited functionality - no tweets, retweets, or likes.

The issue is now fixed, and Twitter has apologized for the damage done via its official support account. All suspended accounts have been restored, and the Twitter page of the Memphis Grizzlies is now free from scams trying to lure people into posting the M word.

There are no additional details explaining why the word “Memphis” triggered Twitter’s privacy filters and thus no guarantees that a similar fiasco won’t happen again. For now, you can tweet Memphis as much as you like. Memphis!

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