Turn your Google Home into a portable speaker with this $50 battery

The Google Home speaker is a cool and popular way to get a smart home assistant at an affordable price, but since the speaker is always anticipating voice commands it needs to be constantly connected to power in order to work. Which means you cannot easily carry it around with you, in case you want to use it as a truly portable speaker.

There is a way to change that. A new, $50 battery "base" for the Google Home attaches cleverly to the speaker, so that it can constantly draw power from the battery and with the battery base on, the Home turns into a portable speaker. This new Ninety7 Loft battery base provides 8 hours worth of music on a single charge, about half what you usually get from a Bluetooth speaker of that size.

So... how does it all work?

The Google Home has a two-piece design, so you can change the bottom to customize its looks and the Loft battery attaches on the bottom as a third piece. There are a few colors available with a black and white one, silver and white, and copper and white, and all seem to fit the general Home speaker styling well. The battery connects to the Google  Home in the place where the power is usually connected, but it duplicates the power source on the bottom of the battery base, so that you get easy charging capabilities when you use the battery pack.

The Ninety7 Loft Google Home battery base might not be on par with other Bluetooth speakers in terms of battery life, but the sheer convenience of talking to your speaker and telling it what to play, at what volume and when to stop is just great. Check it out at the link right below:



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