Treo 800w to launch as Sprint exclusive?

Treo 800w to launch as Sprint exclusive?
The upcoming Sprint Treo 800w will be priced at $249.99 after all applicable discounts and the requisite two year contract. We have also learned that the device may be a Sprint exclusive for the first 2-3 months of it's life. Documentation we have obtained indicated the device will launch 60-90 days before it lands on Verizon. It's possible the 800w isn't an exclusive, and that Verizon would just lag behind Sprint in its launch (and honestly, that would be pretty much business as usual for Verizon,) so maybe, we'll see it land on Alltel before Big Red (again, business as usual), but it would be an odd bit of information for Sprint to know for certain. Either way, it'll be available in less than two weeks from the nation's #3 carrier for $250.



1. unregistered Engadget Mobile has posted a new leaked slide deck from Verizon, which among other things, reveals some details about a Verizon Treo 800w release. The slide shows a Verizon branded 800w in the same style as the previous leaks and photos and shows a presumptive "Q3 2008" launch timeframe. The few specs that are posted on the slide mostly matchup with previous information. Noteworthy is the listing are bullet points confirming the inclusion of 802.11b/g WiFi, a microSD expansion slot and a rather low-end 1.3 megapixel camera. 1xEvDO & Rev-A, 256 MB Flash / 128 MB of RAM, Bluetooth (with A2DP) and Windows Mobile 6 are also on board. Read on for the full slide.

2. unregistered

Im sorry to inform ya'll that the Verizon version of this phone will be that nasty teal color... again.

3. Ray Carroll unregistered

I hope any and all employees who leak confidential and internal proprietary information are caught, terminated for cause and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as these people are the ones who remove the competitive edge a carrier over the other ones in their region.

4. unregistered

fureal fureal

5. unregistered

Given the time it takes to pass thru the FCC for approval(which i believe is public?) and be launched I think your remark is extreme. Rumors build excitement which ultimately helps. Rumors of phones hardly "remove competitive edge". Now to discuss plans changes or special offers in advance can obviously hurt and should be tracked down but phones? Seriously? Besides that the niche crowd that actually uses sites like this isnt your everyday user and LIVE for this stuff. Its far from mainstream. But your right someone who confirms phone information that builds buzz and ultimately acts as FREE marketing should be thrown in jail and forced to find a new job because confirming what was already speculated or was known(once again FCC) they are the true criminals. What if a customer was going to switch from their carrier only to find out that they were getting the phone at a later date. Its right up there with murder. We should probably send them to cuba.

6. unregistered

To persecute people against these types of "crimes" is absolutely pointless. As the user above mentioned that these types of confirmations only help build speculation and provides free marketing. It is a bit too extreme to prosecute someone for something as small as this. Also I believe that it helps the company. If you are saying that it hurts another carrier because they are not getting a new exciting phone as well, then well they should be hurting for not staying competitive. Also aren't there some leaks just to build speculation?

7. unregistered

Ray Carroll, you have to understand that all of this information is made public, so why prosecute someone for public records? just because we get informed the moment all of this information is released it doesn't mean that we are talking about private information. So please inform yourself before giving comments.

9. unregistered

OMG ... raycarroll again? You made the same statement when this was leaked to being a Sprint phone. What are you, the "Cell Phone Police"? And what exactly is the "fullest extent of the law" when someone lets the public know about a cell phone being released, huh.... two days in a Bingo Hall and forced to watch Pauly Shore movies for five hours? You really need to put down the cold cuts and lighten up. It's cell phones!!!! We can just as easily go to an electronics show to see what's coming out in the future if we wanted. Like the above posts mentioned, giving the public this info only builds excitement from the customers ... NOT hurt the company.

8. Treo Guru unregistered

How about everyone just enjoy the damn information

10. Need New Phone unregistered

LMFAO, Ray Carolll...this guy's trippin. He's probably facing the financial woes (paycut) of this cold economy or he's just that anal Geometry teacher that deducts 3 tenths of a point for not stapling homework at a 45 degree. Anyways, I've had a Treo for the past 3 years and my contract's been over since January. I love and want another Treo that's just more up-to-date in this cellular world (i.e. good camera, thinner, slimmer, lighter) Will this thing satisfy my needs?!

11. unregistered

Palm has a loyal following, I never saw anything wrong with thier handsets the 700 series was a better design though

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