Treo 800w lands on Sprint, SERO gone

Treo 800w lands on Sprint, SERO gone
Right on time, the Treo 800w is now available on Sprint's website.  Also online is the red BlackBerry Curve, and the price of the HTC Touch and Samsung Ace has dropped drastically to just $99.99.  Lastly, the popular employee referral plans (SERO) have been replaced by the Everything Plus plans.  They run $59.99 and $79.99 for 500 and 1000 minutes, and include unlimited everything else just like the Simply Everything Plans.  Still not a bad deal, especially for BlackBerry BIS users, but a far cry from the $30 plan it replaced.  Users wishing to sign up must now actually know an employee, as not only their email address is needed but also a portion of their employe ID number in order to qualify.

Treo 800w Specifications

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1. EU4IC unregistered

with the price drop of the Touch and Ace, its beginning to look more and more like the Touch Diamond is coming to fill that price void. I wonder if Verizon will follow suit

2. unregistered

I was suprised SERO lasted as long as it did, SE Plus is still a better deal than all othe carrier when factoring in add ons

3. unregistered

you just have to deal w/ sprint customer service and network...

9. unregistered

Do you even know what you are talking about? Sprint has by far the best service in El Paso. Better than verizon. Their handsets are not crippled and I've had absolutely no issues with customer service. We have 14 phones in our company with sprint and we don't have any horror stories to tell. I've just activated a data card and the customer service was superb. I think that Verizon is engaging in the same tactics Microsoft used a few years ago to discredit OS/2 and other competitor's products. They had their marketing department staff pose as regular users on forums and post derisive comments about OS/2 in favor of NT for example. I see the same tactic employed by VZ in most phone forums I have visited. People on such forums allways seem to bash sprint about horrible coverage and bad customer service. Its all lies from VZ staffers. I wonder how much do they get paid per post...

16. A Sprint Employee unregistered

I work for Sprint in one of their corporare retails stores. Woohoo Sprint! I applaude my employer for tightening the reigns with discounted wireless plans like the shooting the SERO plan in the behind the head with a 9mm SERO and making people have to have a certain part of an employee’s CID as well as the employee’s Sprint corporate e mail address. Mine is and CID is 000666. Thank God no one in my store will be giving up their stuff. We want sales and if someone comes in looking for sales, well by the power of the flying turd, they will be walking out the door with an new phone.

17. unregistered

Oh shut up. I have a SERO Plan and I love it. If Sprint didn't want people having SERO Plans, then they never should have offered them in the first damn place.

25. unregistered

your absolutely right.. and this guy is a jerk! such a hater!

26. unregistered

Lol you are hilarious! Sprint customer here since 1999. Worst customer service ever! nobody agrees on a rule or a service. bills constantly messed up....Until 6months ago (or less) ...they have started to be more customer oriented. but i guess losing $500 million will do that to ya! I'm only still with them until my contract is up and then i'm out like the space shuttle

4. unregistered

With the SE, SE Plus and new fam plans it most likely will temper the need to call in, but even still c.s. is improving incrementally and any network probs will be attributed to the device not the network

5. unregistered

sprint network is just horrible all together they need to sell to verizon also like alltel did and let someone who knows what there doing handle buisness

7. unregistered

If the Sprint nework is "just horrible" why would VZW even want it? Maybe because Sprint's network is ahead of all the other US carriers? WiMax launching in Septermber with VZW at least a year and a half away from launching LTE.....but your right it is just horrible....please give me a locked down phone that I own and pay for but can't add any 3 party apps OTA.

8. unregistered

okay maybe all thats great but internet isnt all a cell carrier is about

6. SprintRules unregistered

VZW sucks, nuff said.Ridiculous price plans, ridiculous phone prices.

10. reuvypoo unregistered

Right...everything is so expensive. You get what you pay for. There is a reason that Sprint has fewer subscribers than the rest of the big boys. In many areas, though not all, Sprint's service is just plain spotty. When you can't necessarily get coverage when and where you need it, nothing else matters. Also, the phone prices really aren't ridiculous. LG Dare for $200 is hard to beat, and you don't need an SE plan to use it. For most of Verizon's phones, the prices have dropped dramatically, which is excellent.

11. unregistered

exactly.... couldnt have said it better myself

12. SprintRules unregistered

look where i am at, vzw has an insane number of dropped calls, datas fast, ill give them that, but lets not forget a phone is a phone, and you use it primarily for the calls.Again like i said all you VZW fanboys stick to your little vzw news headlines, dont come in here blowing up our news, and I still stand by my word, VZW IS s***,#12 that analogy made you look like an idiot, no wonder why VZW customers love vzw so much is cause you guys probably have to fail a dumb test,and if you fail you get approved! PEACE

13. unregistered

If it wasn't for Sprint opening up the market with ther unlimited everything plan for $99 as opposed to the crap that vzw and att came up with, we all would be stuck with much higher bills to pay for data. Competition is good and is what keeps the market in check. Sprint wants subscribers and is driving prices down and the others will have to follow. Wont get that is vzw and sprint and att were all just one big company.

19. unregistered

Yeah, I am pretty sure the Execs at Sprint are in their meetings saying lets drive prices down so we can attain more customers. If I were Sprint, I would worry about keeping the company above the water and stop trying to compete with the big boys.

28. Ag unregistered

i think Sprint competing with at&t, and verizon is good Sprint is still consired a "Big Boy" czause is the #3 carrier and sprint evrything plan for $99 is better than at&t,verizon,or T-Mobile cause is not just ulimited calls, evrything is ulimited text,gps,internet evrything... thres also $70 and $90 everything plan so Sprint in my area is the best

14. SprintDude unregistered

Come on guys honestly it really isnt that serious, verizon has its pro's and con's and so does sprint. But all i have to say is once the HTC Diamond and Rafael comes Q4 its pretty much a WRAP!! plus the Treo 800w is looking pretty good right now so far from what i have seen, so i wouldn't necessarily throw sprint away. Yea we lost alot of customers but at the same time those customer's who all left are so ignorant, i can tell you this because i am a current employee for 4 years strong now. People complain about every little thing, from their phone's battery not holding its charge all the way to their PDA's freezing up along with billing issues based on them going over their minutes or getting charge for a service in which they proclaim to never use. So the reason for the majority of the customers leaving is because they think that the merger with Nextel (or vice versa Sprint) is the reason why everything is messed up on their account. Because whether you agree or not it doesnt matter what cellular phone company you switch to...its always going to be the same ol shyt!! lol

27. Sprintcustomer unregistered

I have to agree, customers are going to be dumb no matter what carrier they are using. I have Sprint service, 2 years now, and haven't had any problems but then again, I don't expect perfection from cellular service. I also happen to work with a vendor call center for AT&T. Boy howdy has the last several days shown how dumb AT&T customers really are! hehehe.

15. A Sprint Employee unregistered

work for Sprint in one of their corporare retails stores. Woohoo Sprint! I applaude my employer for tightening the reigns with discounted wireless plans like the shooting the SERO plan in the behind the head with a 9mm SERO and making people have to have a certain part of an employee’s CID as well as the employee’s Sprint corporate e mail address. Mine is and CID is 000666. Thank God no one in my store will be giving up their stuff. We want sales and if someone comes in looking for sales, well by the power of the flying turd, they will be walking out the door with an new phone.

18. unregistered

As I said to your other post, shut up. SERO is great. If you don't like the damn things, then Sprint should have never offered them in the first place.

32. unregistered

What iodiocy! What poor representation of the corporation you work for! Anyone who has remote common sense would immediately sign up for a great deal at a lesser cost. That's a no-brainer! "Your" employer made the choice to offer the plan without tight reigns on its maintenance. That's not the public's fault.

20. unregistered

sprints service is great where i live here in jerzey, but the biggest problem is the customer service, they are the dumbest people i have ever talked to in my life. they have no common sense what so ever. the sad part about it is that i actually work for sprint and everything everbody says about customer service is true, i honestly hate dealing with them. but sprint does have the best prices, there is no arguing about that.

23. unregistered

yea sprint does have some great priced plans and yes the reps are so stupid its like talking to a 2 years old infront of a computer screen not knowing what to do..... l

29. D unregistered

and thats why sprint is recording the customer service calls and they did fired many workers cause poor customer service care so Sprint is steppin up now

21. unregistered

i worked for sprint while having a VZW phone...and I must say SPRINT SUCKS! our customer service was horrible, the company didnt know how to run the company and that is why its a train wreck now, they srew over employees and applaud us for screwing over and lying to our customers. Yea, the plans are cheap and so are the phones, but like they say "you get what you pay for" and sprint customers are experiencing that now. Now I am not saying that Vdub is perfect, but dammit its a whole lot better than it competitors.

22. unregistered

oh...and did i mention sprint coverage sucks. those terminals at the stores that shows coverage maps and allows you to map your address is an all out lie

30. SprintDude unregistered

Well buddy, honestly every company has good coverage in certain areas and then again some of them dont have as much of a great coverage in other areas like yours for example. Maybe your phone is old and needs a PRL (Tower Update) or maybe you just need a brand new phone all together and im sure you do have a house phone and probably wireless Internet in your home and a microwave in which all do affect reception not to mention police radars and etc... But if you dont experience great reception with one company in your home area then leave and go with the a company that gives you the best signal. Theres not one company that doesn't have dead spots, Att states "The company with the fewest dropped calls" Bullshyt, and Verizon believe it or not They have poor reception in mostly all of the Southern states. For the most part what i am trying to say is no matter where you go whether your with Att or Verizon your going to be complaining about EVERY LITTLE THING lol, just like all the other customers do.

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