Toucher rides circles around always-on Android shortcuts

Developer: Digital Life InternationalDownload: Android
Genre: ToolsPrice: Free (with in-app purchases)

If you have a large-screen smartphone, consider Toucher your wheel of luck. This circular little piece of kit adds a floating button to your device's screen. When you tap on it, a wheel with eight customizable shortcuts pops around it. That's the whole premise in a nutshell, which sounds too simple, but don't be deceived. The real beauty of Switcher rises from its customization options that are as many as they are easily accessible.

For starters, all eight shortcuts can be modified and re-arranged to your whim. The circle's background can be changed to one of the pre-defined ones, or to a custom color or photo with adjustable transparency.

When you're done with the circular panel, you can move on to the floating point that lives on the home-screen. You can choose an icon, its size, and its level of transparency. You can also position it in any place or corner on your screen, and it will be available everywhere - including videos and games, which does get annoying, but Toucher's Pro version solves the problem.

Further on, the app has a dedicated Settings menu with another round of options. You probably won't be all that interested in them, as the app functions pretty well without any messing around.

Toucher's default shortcuts are as follows (clockwise): flashlight, lock screen, app drawer, phone settings, Toucher settings, home-screen, download Boat Browser for Android, and clear memory. The paid version supports up to three panels with different shortcuts. And, speaking of payments, you can either buy the paid functionality you need separately, or you can snag Toucher Premium for 60% off at the moment (that would be an end price of $3.99). If that doesn't enthrall you into reaching for your wallet, the ads most likely will.

As a whole, Toucher is a polished and elegant app. If you think you can find a good use for it, consider spending some time with the free version - you won't waste your time.

Developer: Digital Life InternationalDownload: Android
Genre: ToolsPrice: Free (with in-app purchases)


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