Ting Mobile wants to break you away from the shackles of big carriers, gives you $25 credit to try it

Why Ting is a better choice than the big cell phone carriers
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We’re sure that every once in a while you encounter ads for wireless services from a carrier that isn’t any of the big names: Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T. The ads often make statements that sound too good to be true, so how’s that possible? Well, those small carriers are the so-called MVNOs and today we’ll talk about how they operate and what makes Ting Mobile a particularly tempting choice.

What are MVNOs?

MVNO is short for Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Carriers like Ting essentially rent bandwidth from one or more of the operators that have their own networks. MVNO carriers can use any or all of the networks of Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint. Because they’re free to mix and match networks, no matter if they're GSM or CMDA, MVNOs can potentially offer better coverage than any of the major players. Ting uses three of the four nationwide LTE networks (all but AT&T's), which means you're covered on Ting no matter where you live in America.

How can carriers like Ting offer lower prices?

It seems counterintuitive that a company that’s renting services can provide them cheaper than the one that’s supplying them. But there’s a very logical explanation for that. Your Verizon plan, for example, has to cover not only the cost of the network support and improvements. Monthly fees also pay more than a hundred thousand employees’ salaries and the upkeep of thousands of stores, among other expenses.

Ting, on the other hand, focuses on the essentials. With about 400 employees and only a handful of locations, there isn’t much fluff that its customers have to foot the bill for. Because Ting has fewer fixed expenses, it is able to offer its customers a very flexible payment structure, here’s how it works...

With Ting, you pay only for what you use

Carriers love to throw in your face plans with unlimited calls, texts and data. And while unlimited sounds tempting, how much do you really talk on your phone? These days most of our communication is through messaging apps that use up an insignificant amount of data. Carriers offer unlimited plans because they know most people don’t take full advantage of them but pay the fixed price nevertheless.

That’s not the case if you choose Ting. You pay for calls, texts and data depending on how much of each you’ve used, month by month. If one month you’re stuck at home and constantly on your Wi-Fi, then you can pay as little as $0 for mobile data. Or maybe you’re on vacation and need to keep the kids entertained in the car with YouTube. That’s fine too, pay for each GB of data you use and no more.

If you want to have more predictability in your bill, you can set hard caps for each category and limit your usage or that of anyone else if you have more than one line to your account.

Want to give it a try? Ting is offering PhoneArena readers $25 credit that you can use for any combination of services you want!

But fair billing isn’t the only benefit you get from Ting, you also get better customer service.

You’re more valuable to Ting than you are to the big carriers

As you might have guessed, Ting has far fewer customers than any of the big carriers. But that also means each individual customer is more important to the company than if you’re one among millions. Ting’s representatives will be happy to assist you at any time over the phone or through the web and you won't feel like just another revenue stream that must be squeezed out to the max.

It’s not like you’ll need much help, however, Ting’s business plan is as straightforward as you get. No hidden fees and contracts that tie you down for years to come.

If you’re still not convinced Ting is worth considering, we can’t do much else than suggest once again to make use of the $25 credit Ting is giving to you from the link below:

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