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Tinder's new premium feature is basically a cheat code for online dating


Imagine if you could see which Tinder users have liked you before you decide whether to give them the thumbs up or the thumbs down. 

Feels just like a 'God Mode' supercheat, especially if you're a picky one. 

Well, for a price, you will be able to do just that - Tinder just unveiled a new premium subscription dubbed Tinder Gold, which is basically the same as the existing Tinder Plus, but with one rather important novelty. That's the "Likes You" feature, which will allow paying subscribers to see what other users of the dating app have already liked them and are theoretically willing to go out for a cup of Latte or a good ol' Budweiser. 

Users will be able to explore the ones that have already liked them in a grid-like interface and will allow for instantly matching with the ones they desire. 

Tinder Gold will be available for either Tinder Plus and regular users alike, however, the pricing has not been set yet. It was revealed that a set of possible price tags will be tested in order for Tinder to elaborate what its users are willing to pay for Tinder Gold. One thing is certain - Tinder Plus users will have to pay less than regular users due to the simple fact that they are already paying for a more premium experience and enjoy unlimited swipes, swiping wherever in the world, and an "undo" button. 

The feature will soon be soft-released in Argentina, Australia, Canada, and Mexico, but we hope it will make a grand entrance to the US and other major markets soon.

Source: Tinder via Techcrunch
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