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Tinder Plus price let you down? Date with 5 alternative apps that are just like Tinder

Paid Tinder let you down? Date with 5 alternative apps that are just like Tinder
Tinder managed to get a headstart among dating apps with its easy swipe-based system, and the burgeoning user base that was spreading out like forest fire. With the introduction of Tinder Plus, however - a rather pricey subscription tier that unlocks access to the best of Tinder - those user numbers are bound to take a nosedive. 

Analysts are predicting that just about 5% of the regular Tinder users will be flocking over to the paid version, which costs ten bucks a month, if you are relatively young, and the borderline ageist $20 for those over 30. 

Fret not, however, as there are some great free alternative apps that are for their most part just like Tinder, but don't require monthly fees, and some are even careful to avoid all the fluff and fake that are inundating Tinder. Check them out.

Bumble (iOS)

Bumble's added value is that it is meant for girls, so its premise is genuinely simple - a guy can't send the first message to a girl, only the other way around. This brings creepy encounters down to a minimum, unlike on Tinder, and the Bumble app offers all other bells and whistles for free.


Download: iOS, Android

They say there's nothing more liberated or promiscuous than the bi-sexual dating world, and Grindr comes to prove it. Users there swear there is no app is even close to Grindr when it comes to scoring casual sex, so if you are gay, bi-, trans- or any other derivative, the possibility of finding a date for tonight increases exponentially by using Grindr.


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Happn is brilliant in the idea that it wants to hook you up with folks in the immediate vicinity, up to 250 metres, so when the urge to funk it with strangers strikes, you'd know there is someone within your eyesight to check out on the spot. Awkward? Not really, just very, very convenient.

How About We

Download: iOS, Android

Instead of aimlessly fluttering around, the How About We apps strive to offer you old-school offline dating, not just hooking up for casual sex. The app comes with a witty Tonight feature, where you put in a time slot, and it will match you with people on the other end that are looking for a date in the same timeframe nearby.


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"Get down" is the chief motto of Down - the dating app for friends with benefits that straight-out advises to “Skip the chatting, and get to smacking those cheeks,” like, ahem, most guy-girl exchanges on Tinder boil over into anyway. The bad part - the app will pull every girl or guy you have on Facebook, for instance, and wait to propose them if they ever join Down. Not the brightest idea if you want to meet new material for whatever purpose, but that's the way of the Down app.

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