"Tilt" headset concept aims to aid those who are disabled

"Tilt" headset concept aims to aid those who are disabled
Designer Ryan Parry with GlobiGames Ltd has created a unique headset that is aimed to help those with disabilities use their mobile phones. The concept know as “Tilt” would allow those who are disabled to navigate through their phone's menus, place a call, and more thanks to this ingenious new headset. They can perform various functions just by moving their head front to back and side to side with the ear buds – they'll come with three distinct sizes for a custom fit in the ear. When they're not being used, they are magnetically tethered to a plastic casing that's strapped to the wrist. If they are removed from their casing on the wrist band, the headset will automatically power on and be ready for use. Just the ability to use this headset and navigate through a phone with only the motions of your head is a neat concept – we're sure that this will be fined tuned more to allow other functions.

via The Design Blog

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