Three new Windows-based handsets by LG around the corner

Three new Windows-based handsets by LG around the corner
Knowing the first Windows-based handsets running WM 6.5 are to appear on 6 October, it didn´t take long for cell phone maufacturers to start disclosing future products. The HTC Touch2 and Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 were officially announced yesterday and LG followed suit by stating earlier today they are rolling out three Windows-powered cell phones.  

They will come in different form factors – candybar with touch sensitive screen, slider featuring touch-display and QWERTY keyboard and a candybar QWERTY handset. We still do not know their designations, but the pictures coming with the announcement show the LG GW550, that was initially announced July this year. What we know however, is that the three models will be running Windows Mobile 6.5 and personalized S-Class 3D interface. We hope LG doesn´t fail with their customization pack and hope it´s as good as the one made by Samsung.

The market strategy of the manufacturer for the Windows Mobile segment includes rolling out a total of 13 devices by the end of 2010. The current handsets are part of the very same strategy, but their release dates are still unknown. Still, knowing they are Windows Mobile v.6.5 based, they cannot come out any earlier than 6 October, the day when the LG GM750 hits the shelves.

source: LG


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