This photographer shot a whole wedding on an iPhone 6s and the results are marvelous

We love this opportunity to share the masterful and professional results that photographer Sephi Bergerson has accomplished with just an iPhone 6s and a bunch of apps that almost everyone with a smartphone can download. But the only thing more interesting than the beautiful photos are mr. Bergerson's sentiments, which make it clear that his work isn't merely a display of the iPhone's much debated camera qualities, but something much bigger than that.

It doesn't matter if you have an Apple phone, or a Samsung phone, or a HTC phone, or a Microsoft phone. What matters is that this great device that fits in your hand lets you accomplish astonishing photographs, even if you don't have Sephi's talent and years of experience. In fact, the photographer himself said the biggest obstacle in achieving his mission wasn't technology (although he does admit previous iPhone models had certain limitations), but finding a couple that would agree to have its wedding shot with a smartphone. Indeed, he did, and their celebration was the biggest he's ever photographed – it went on for three days in the city of Udaipur, back in November last year!

To capture all the gorgeous decoration and overwhelming excitement, Sephi used an iPhone 6s, along with a hand-held LED light to get proper exposure for night shots (the ISO limit wasn't letting him shoot without motion blur). He composed the scenes not in a documental fashion, but in one that would translate to his artistic vision for post-processing (which has played a very significant part, as you will see in the photos). He used a "very simple workflow" for post-processing, all happening right on the smartphone. He started with Snapseed to correct the contrast, color, and highlights, in addition to adding a vintage filter to some photos. He then moved to Mextures to add "scratches and grit" for a more dramatic look, and finished with face retouching in Facetune. The result gets exported to Instagram, whose filters also end up getting some use.

Although Sephi notes that smartphones won't replace "regular" cameras for the time being, despite their advantages, he considers them "a completely new breed of camera" – one that lets photographers "shoot and process images in the field, free from the burden of running home to our computers". It also lets one instantly try out ideas, see what works and doesn't, and share them on the spot.

Behold Sephi's gorgeous works below, and do check out the rest on the man's website!

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iPhone 6s
  • Display 4.7 inches 1334 x 750 pixels
  • Camera 12 MP (Single camera) 5 MP front
  • Hardware Apple A9 APL0898 2GB RAM
  • Storage 128GB, not expandable
  • Battery 1715 mAh
  • OS iOS 14.x


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