This might be a Nokia Lumia 928 photo sample

lumia 928
Rumor has it that there's a new high-end Windows Phone 8 smartphone headed to Verizon. It is known as the Nokia Lumia 928 and it's said to come with a pretty good camera - perhaps something worthy of bearing the PureView moniker. In fact, the smartphone might turn out to be more or less identical to the Nokia Lumia 920, which AT&T has been offering since November, although there's speculation that the 928 will be made of metal and will sport a xenon flash in addition to the LED light on its back. 

Whatever the case, people are probably wondering how good of a shooter this mysterious Nokia Lumia 928 will be. Well, you might already be looking at a photo sample taken with it. The image, now taken down from its original location, was found on Picasa and obtained by evleaks. Since the latter has a pretty good track record with leaks about upcoming devices, we'd say that the image might not be fake, rather a genuine photo captured with a Nokia Lumia 928. But then again, we have no hard evidence in support of this claim, so take it with a chunk of salt.

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