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This is what the Moto X+1 will look like (and maybe the release date?)


If you have been following mobile news with any regularity over the past couple years, you will have come to know the name Evleaks, which time-after-time brought us reliable information; but, more often, Evleaks became synonymous with getting press renders of devices that hadn't been announced yet. Evleaks retired recently, but he has gotten us all a "retirement gift" in the form of renders for the Moto X+1.

These are the best images of the Moto X+1 that we have seen, and there are a few things to note. First of all, the speaker at the top is slightly wider than the one on the bottom, but it still looks like we're getting stereo speakers on the front of the X+1. The next item to note is the camera on the rear, or rather the odd setup of the camera. Usually, there would be a blatant flash next to the camera lens, but instead there is a ring around the lens. Our source says the small light spots in the image are actually two small flashes on either side of the lens.

The last things to note about the hardware are with the power and volume buttons, which have been moved down the side of the phone body compared to the Moto X, possibly to make them easier to reach on the larger chassis; and, the Motorola icon on the back which looks to be its own item, meaning the wooden back will finally have a proper divot. 

As far as the software, there normally wouldn't be much to say, since Motorola runs close to stock Android, but it the red messaging icon in launcher bar is a bit strange. That is the Verizon Messages app logo, which would mean some bloat is creeping into Motorola devices. We'll have to just wait and see. Motorola will be announcing the X+1 and other devices on September 4th. The date on the renders is September 17th, our source says that is the planned Verizon release date, but the date could be moved up.

source: Evleaks
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