This is LG V30's new ticker "display"


With the V30 just around the corner, LG has given us the first official look at the phone’s refreshed user interface and the successor to V10 and V20’s ticker displays.

Turns out all the rumors were true, LG is dealing away with the ticker in favor of a larger main display. And good riddance! Hey don’t get us wrong, the ticker displays on the V10 and V20 were a fun gimmick, but why waste space when you can just emulate much of the same functionality on a single OLED display? Ah, we’re sure the dedicated ticker screens have their fans but it is what it is – the ticker display is dead, starting with the LG V30.

So, what’s going to replace it, you may ask? Well, it’s apparently… an always-on display. Okay, so LG says it’s an upgraded version of the G6 AOD display that “ not only shows the clock, it can also be set to display Quick Tools, Music Player or a personal photograph as well.“

But that’s not all! Alongside the revamped AOD display, LG is introducing a Floating Bar that it says is the evolution of V20’s ticker display, although it looks more like Samsung’s Edge Screen, at first glance at least.

The Floating Bar will be accessible by swiping from the right edge of the display, although you may be able to change its position in the final version, and it will nest various useful (and presumably customizable) shortcuts, such as “Settings”, “Notes”, and others.

source: LG

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