The leaked iWatch schematics are the real deal

The leaked iWatch schematics are the real deal
We had the biggest iWatch leak yesterday, just a day before the purported unveiling, consisting of CAD schematic drawings that show a pretty elaborate device. The leak revealed a waterproof iWatch that will come in two flexible screen sizes, at four color each. The iWatch is expected to be waterproof, sport a microphone, a tiny speaker, and will support Siri. Unfortunately, the battery is listed as lasting only a day, but, hey, the charging seems to be all wireless.

While that's what the CAD drawings' source derived from the schematics, they should have been taken with a grain of salt, as it was not really clear at the time if the CAD schemes really came from Quanta, which was wildly rumored to be the OEM behind the iWatch assembly. A little Google-fu done by Jack March, however, reveals that the leaked slides are exactly in the format that Quanta uses on its intraweb. As you can see below, the Quanta slides format is exactly the same as the leaked iWatch slides, so there is every chance that this will be the real deal. Not much left until the grand unveiling later today anyway, when we should see the actual iWatch in the flesh.

source: Jack March (Twitter)

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