Biggest Apple iWatch leak so far: CAD drawings show ‘the most complex and expensive product to manufacture to date’


We've been engulfed in what seems an endless stream of leaks and rumors, but when it comes to Apple’s newest category of devices, the iWatch, we've only read about it, but not seen a single illustrative image.

This changes now, a day before the iWatch is expected to get unveiled. CAD drawings and schematics of the new iWatch have surfaced on Reddit revealing the following:

  • iWatch to have a microphone, speaker and support Siri
  • Flexible multi-touch screen to add a new twist to the UI
  • No lightning connector or other ports (likely, all wireless)
  • Battery will last over a day
  • Waterproof to about 20m
  • 8 models total to be unveiled, 4 ‘colors’ in 2 sizes

Right below, in the images, you can see a large round hole - that’s where the ‘sensor plate’ will allegedly reside, and that part will be in contact with the skin. This, of course, means that the iWatch will after all be able to take measurements like the heart rate.

You can also see that there is a missing part on one of the sides of the watch, and that’s where the watch's crown will be positioned.

Finally, this latest leak claims that Apple plans to kick off mass production in January. Interestingly, the leaker calls this ‘the most complex and expensive product to manufacture to date’. We would not be surprised if that’s indeed true.

source: reddit

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