The iPhone vulnerable to sms attacks

The iPhone vulnerable to sms hacks
Charlie Miller, a famous iPhone hacker and analyst with Independent Security Evaluators, will present its software hack for the iPhone at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas tomorrow. He has already informed Apple about the vulnerability, but the company hasn't come up with a patch to fix the issue yet. The hack allows crackers to take control of your device and you don't even have to install software or open a web page, because all the hacker needs is your telephone number. The other piece of malicious code written by Miller allows people to shower your device with messages that in reality have never been sent, because this would, of course, cost. The latter seems to work just fine with Android and Windows Mobile handsets as well.

Two other researchers in the field of cell phone security are expected to demonstrate a way of changing SMS messages, so to the phone they would appear as sent by the carrier, which would allow hackers to change your handset settings remotely. We hope to see the manufacturers work harder to fix security gaps not only retrospectively, but even before vulnerabilities can exploited and hackers have the opportunity to pull tricks like these.

source: Yahoo! Tech

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