The iOS 10.3 beta lets you check which apps won't work in iOS 11

The iOS 10.3 beta lets you check which apps won't work in iOS 11
Ever since the first beta for iOS 10.3 hit, it's been all but confirmed that the next major release, iOS 11, will likely cut support for 32-bit apps entirely, essentially making nearly 200,000 apps obsolete. It turns out, however, that the company also lets users manually check which, if any, of their installed apps will be affected by the change, though it hasn't done a good job of advertising it.

The feature, called "App Compatibility", is buried deep within the settings, where it can be found by tapping on General > About > Applications, provided the device is running beta 3 or higher of iOS 10.3. The feature checks whether there is a 64-bit version of the app available on the App Store, and prompts user to download it in case there is. Otherwise, it advises people to contact the developer directly, which is, admittedly, a fun way of offloading responsibility to the user.

The move towards deprecation of 32-bit apps is one of the first in the industry, which has been stuck both 32 and 64-bit applications at the same time for more than a decade. This comes from the few immediately obvious benefits of the 64-bit architecture, the biggest of which is the ability for a single program to use more than 4 GB of memory, a feature needed by a relatively small percentage of software. It makes sense for iOS to be the pioneer, as the change will affect only a miniscule subset of users, and we may see other companies following suit in the future.

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1. kiko007

Posts: 7521; Member since: Feb 17, 2016

"It makes sense for iOS to be the pioneer, as the change will affect only a miniscule subset of users, and we may see other companies following suit in the future." Don't give Google any ideas. God knows how many apps would be lost due to negligence on the part of developers. Six of the apps I use daily on Android haven't been updated since KK.

4. sgodsell

Posts: 7605; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

Your here once again spreading your lies and cutting up Android and Google again to pump up Apple and iOS. As far as apps on Android are concerned going from 32 to 64 bit was a no brainier, especially when all Google had to do was make sure their VM took advantage of the 64 bit SoCs that OEMs started to install and use. If they are native apps written specifically‚Äč for a certain SoC, then that is different and requires the developers to update those apps to take advantage of the 64 bit SoC. The beautiful thing about Android and Java is that existing apps that originally were made for 32 bit systems at the time, and if those apps used some data types like longs (8 bytes), doubles (8 bytes), or calculations that use some of those types. Then when that same app is run on an Android system that has a 64 bit SoC, that app will now perform 64 bit operations on those data types. Granted‚Äč more ram is always nice as well, but in this example it's not needed. Please kiko007 continue to show the world how ignorant you really are.

7. AmashAziz

Posts: 2934; Member since: Jun 30, 2014 and Kiko, stop blurting it all over the place. Just yesterday I saw you arguing on the iPhone 8 article. And was seriously depressed by you low mental levels. What will you both get by arguing if Apple is better or Samsung? You both are right in some places, and wrong in others. But you both are also ruining the pleasant experience which we could get on this site if you didn't argue so hard. Kiko....I have some credibility for you. But just yesterday when I saw your comments showing your hatred on Android, I lost some of that. Don't make me do that. Try to remain credible by not arguing with sgodsell, even if you feel he is a troll and a retard. Granted I also feel the same way sometimes because he does make stupid comments and tries to make Android always look better. Am being brutally honest here. He likes to argue hard with you. But you are being no different when you continue the argument. You will be frustrated over his ignorant attitude when he does that. But he's frustrated with you the same way when you blurt negativity about Android. Try to control you temptations by not being such a jerk and fighting as if Apple is gonna reward you for your hard work. Same goes for you sgodsell. Be different, atleast for the sake of iOS and Android, if not for Humanity. So that they can be proud to have fanboys (or girls) who have great self-control, and won't throw it all over when forced to......

2. marorun

Posts: 5029; Member since: Mar 30, 2015

Nice so apple again want to force you to use the phone the way they want not the way you want. Kiko007 i have app thats did not been updated since 4 years and those app never crash or have any issues. So updating app to update them is also bad.

3. kiko007

Posts: 7521; Member since: Feb 17, 2016

"So updating app to update them is also bad." Do you know how many security holes exist because of logic like that?

8. AmashAziz

Posts: 2934; Member since: Jun 30, 2014

And apps which haven't been updated since the past 4 years make an iPhone 6S Plus lag so hard as if it were a 4S on iOS 9......! So yeah, updating is a necessity. Don't give leverage to software developers with your ignorant attitude. Comments like these make them feel they have leniancy by us.

5. AlikMalix unregistered

So now there's no excuse. These haters will look for any excuse to diss Apple. But I love what Apple is doing with the purging of old apps - developers, if they care, can see for themselves that the apps won't work in the future and use the already provided tools to recompile for 64bit only. If developers don't care - I don't want their app. This is one of many reasons why I'm on iOS - due diligence! You guys can makeup as many excuses as you want why this is bad - all I see is a benefit to a consumer and their experience. Plus Apple has been warning developers for more than a year now that this was coming starting with not accepting apps that aren't built for 64bit more than a year ago, consistently sending memos about the transition and providing tools - there's no excuse. I rather see 100,000 well made apps than 1-million crappy ones.

9. AmashAziz

Posts: 2934; Member since: Jun 30, 2014

I agree with you completely! I, too, have many 32bit apps on an iPhone which I use on a daily basis and would be greatly unhappy about support for them being gone. Due to this, I might even hesitate updating to iOS 11. But I believe this temporary problem with loss of data in all 32bit apps is better for the future. And I also believe this is the way forward. I am ready to face issues temporarily if it helps us to strive for a better 'software' future!

6. darkkjedii

Posts: 31670; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Update them, or get lost. 11 is on the way.

10. AlikMalix unregistered

This is what I expect from who ever is running my ecosystem, this is what I pay for - why would anyone complain that Apple (or anyother company) pushes developers to update their apps to facilitate a better experience in a more organized and potent ecosystem...

11. Arch_Fiend

Posts: 3951; Member since: Oct 03, 2015

I have to beat a couple of games I have now or they won't work, SMH! total bs.

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