The OnePlus 5 might be getting a splash of color with an unannounced gold variant

If you've looked at a photo of the newly-announced OnePlus 5 and found yourself thinking "hmm, something's missing," there's a fair chance the thing missing is, well, color. That is to say, with its latest flagship OnePlus seems to have bet big on darker shades – even the presentation officially revealing the 5 to the world was primarily black. But for those of you who prefer their devices in flashier colors, we have some good news: a gold-colored variant of the OnePlus 5 may also be approaching release.

The news comes from a listing on Chinese regulator TENAA's website, which reveals the OnePlus 5 was registered with three colors, instead of just the two we've seen so far, Slate Grey and Midnight Black. The third is listed as "mint gold," though we imagine the mint part of it is a translation error.

And as it turns out, we've seen a gold-colored OnePlus phone before, known as Soft Gold. Both the 3 and 3T were released with a Soft Gold version, which also came some time after the respective device's initial release date. Still, it's worth noting that both the 3 and 3T's gold-colored variants came out more than a month after their regular brethren, so if its drab colors are the one thing holding you back from purchasing the OnePlus 5, expect to wait for some time.

source: TENAA (translated) via The Android Soul
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