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The Motorola Moto e6 is a perfect backup phone for just $100!

Save $50 on the Motorola Moto e6 with this special offer
From a single day in November, Black Friday has extended into an entire holiday of its own. But today is the actual Black Friday, believe it or not, and the constant bombardment of deals shows no signs of abating!

While most people may be on the look for deals on the most expensive phones out there, like the iPhone 11 Pro and the Galaxy Note 10, we've got something a bit different in store for you. If you're in the market for a backup phone, we've got a deal on an already affordable device that makes it even cheaper. Like, peanut money cheap!

The Motorola Moto e6 is the phone in question. It normally retails for $150, but with this special Black Friday deal, you can grab one for just $99.99!

Now, as far as raw power is concerned, the Moto e6 has very few bragging rights. The display isn't particularly high-res and the processor won't blow even mid-rangers out of the water. But then again, you're getting a phone that runs Android 9.0 out of the box (and will likely receive another update) for under $100! This makes the Moto e6 a perfect backup phone.

If you're interested in the extremely cheap Motorola Moto e6, follow this link to Moto's website!

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