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The IUNI U2 is a monster from Asia with an aluminum body, premium specs, and outrageous price

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The IUNI U2 is a monster from Asia with an aluminum body, premium specs, and outrageous price
IUNI, a spin-off brand of China's Gionee (known for making the current world's thinnest smartphone), is preparing a very interesting handset. Elegant on the outside, the IUNI U2 is a beast with a 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU, 3GB RAM, and a 4.7-inch 1080p display with a pixel density of 469PPI inside. But that's not all. Reportedly, IUNI wanted to make the best single-handed metal-clad phone possible, so it machined a 0.4 inch (10.2mm) thick body that's 2.56 inches (65mm) wide and 5.38 inches (136.9mm) tall. There is a 10-degree fold at the phone's top and bottom, and the chamfer has a shiny "3D polish". The phone definitely looks ergonomic and probably feels just fine in the hand, not to mention that the overall design evokes the HTC One - a phone that even Apple was impressed with. But producing this carefully sculpted aluminum shell does have a price – it takes 90 minutes, and the current yeld is only 48%.

Speaking of HTC's last year flagship, you know that its UltraPixel rear camera is both a notable and controversial feature. Like them or not, the UltraPixels are heading for a return in the IUNI U2's front camera, which is exactly the same as the HTC One's rear shooter. Looking at the front camera comparisons which IUNI posted, it could turn out that the ultrapixels have a previously unsuspected potential for "selfie"-taking. As for the rear camera, the IUNI U2 is wheeling in the heavy artillery - it's the 16MP, 1.34µm sensor seen in the Gionee Elife E7. You will have to forgive it for causing a visible bulge to the U2's otherwise elegant back panel.

So, how much for this beauty? Prepare to be pleasantly shocked. The 32GB version with 3GB RAM will cost only $320, while the 16GB version with 2GB RAM will be $290. The pricing is absolutely outrageous, as it basically sells a premium smartphone at a price lower than mid-range. But if you are in China, and desperate to compete with Xiaomi, it's what you got to do to stay afloat.

The smartphone is currently on pre-order for Chinese customers, who can make a deposit for the 32GB version. As it's mostly the case with these beautiful Asian monsters, there's no information about the IUNI U2's global availability. However, the phone is making a statement - as low-cost Chinese vendors have already secured premium hardware, they are turning their eyes to competing with design as well. As the old Chinese saying goes, we do live in interesting times.

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