The HTC One X9, Moto G Turbo and more Galaxy S7 camera specs: weekly news roundup

The HTC One X9, Moto G Turbo and more Galaxy S7 camera specs: weekly news roundup
Once again, it is time for our weekly news round-up, where we put the most interesting stories from the past seven days for anyone who needs to catch up. In the week before the last we saw the HTC One A9 unveiled, but HTC isn't stopping here, it seems, as a rumor on a truly high-end One X9 appeared. No official word yet on if and when the X9 will be announced, but the specs sheet is rather drool-worthy, as you can see in the slideshow below.

Next in line is another set of Galaxy S7 camera rumors - it was recently brought to our attention that Samsung had trademarked the word BRITECELL for its future phone cameras, and is also in talks with Sony to obtain the ultrafast camera sensor that made a cameo in the new Xperia Z5 trio. That's not all, though, as it became known last week that Samsung is prepping a 12 MP shooter with large 1/2" sensor size, breaking away from the megapixel chase for the sake of quality low-light snapping. We hope that Samsung is planning some of these sensors for the Galaxy S7, of course. For more on last week's most interesting news, flip through the slideshow below.



1. rick_mobile

Posts: 359; Member since: Dec 13, 2010

The samsung flagships already have amazing cameras, among the best in the market. They should put better, bigger battery. I have the s6 and the battery life is a joke. I'm really considering getting a phablet again just for the longer battery life.

2. Jimrod

Posts: 1607; Member since: Sep 22, 2014

That's why I don't really get the test figures sites like this show for battery life - the only person I know with an S6 (Edge) gets terrible battery life, much worse than her older S4 or S5 (I can't remember which she had). About two thirds of a day of moderate at most usage unless she turns off Bluetooth, WiFi etc. I think it's a nice phone but the battery seems very poor.

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