The Google Nexus 7 display is good, but far from perfect, research shows

The Google Nexus 7 display is good, but not perfect, research shows
As if we didn't know already, the screen on the Google Nexus 7 tablet has its flaws, although it seems to be a pretty good both on paper and at a glance. Sure, at 7 inches and with resolution of 1280 by 800 pixels, it has a decent pixel density – 216 ppi, and since it is made using IPS LCD technology, its viewing angles are quite satisfactory as well. However, a recent research that analyzed the Nexus 7 screen in detail revealed what should have been paid more attention to.

The research, which was supervised by Dr. Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate Technologies, showed that the gray scale on the Nexus 7 display is quite inaccurate. Bright images lack detail as the screen's brightness does not go high enough to display them properly. As a result, bright graphics tend to look overexposed and highlights are noticeably missing. When displaying darker images, however, the imperfection is far less noticeable, if present at all. Depending on the screen's firmware, eliminating this flaw may or may not be possible with a future software update.

On the other hand, the Google Nexus 7 screen fared well in a number of categories during the examination. It was capable of outputting 350 nits of brightness, which is on par with other contemporary tablets, and its contrast ratio of about 1,000 is great for a mobile display. Besides, the screen could display 86% of the standard color gamut, which is an impressive figure for a device of this class. 

So there you have it. The screen on the Google Nexus 7 tablet isn't perfect, but it is good enough considering the device's $200 price point. Those of you who already have a Nexus 7, does its screen look fine to you? Let us know by dropping a comment.

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