The GooPhone i6 is official - second iPhone 6 clone rears its head in China

The GooPhone i6 is official - second iPhone 6 clone rears its head in China
The clone artists at China's GooPhone have outdone Apple and good taste yet again. The company is proud to announce the GooPhone i6, a modest, but still flattering imitation of what pretty much everybody expects the new iPhone 6 to look like. 

Coming to the market about two months before the real deal's announcement, the Android-powered successor to the GooPhone i5s boasts a 4.7-inch IPS display with 960x540 (qHD) resolution, a MTK6582 quad-core CPU with 1GB RAM, a 13MP rear camera and 5MP front cam, and 8 gigabytes of integrated storage. That, and unmistakable "designed by Apple in California" looks.

The GooPhone i6 will begin sales by August 1. The alleged prices will hover around $150. It seems the only color option is champagne gold.

In 2012, GooPhone racked up some notoriety by threatening to sue Apple in China for infringing on the former's patented smartphone design. Basically, GooPhone claimed that it patented the iPhone 5's looks, months before Apple had the chance to protect its intellectual property. For better or worse, the clone-maker's intentions never materialized, and Apple still hasn't sued the firm for profiting off its coveted creation. All is merry in iPhone clone land.

via GizChina


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