The GSMA announces its Spam Reporting Service initiative

The GSMA announces its Spam Reporting Service initiative
At one point it has happened to some of us – it's that the random text message you see on your handset that turns out to become even more worrisome down the road. Just like how spam email piles up in our in-boxes, it can prove to be even costly for mobile phone users that see themselves getting bombarded with one after another. To make it even worse for them, they'll get hit with some nasty charges if they aren't quick in getting it resolved or have an unlimited messaging plan associated to their account. Luckily the GSMA has just launched its trial for the Spam Reporting Service initiative that's going to go live with AT&T Mobility, Korea Telecom, and SFR. Essentially what customers have to do if they are experiencing spam messages being sent to their phones is to send a text with “7726” or “SPAM” in it so that they are reported as spam text messages. From there, the service will notify the respective service provider regarding the issues – which hopefully will reduce the amount of junk text messages that seem to plague some users.

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