With Apple News+ available, Texture will close on May 28th

With Apple News+ available, Texture will close on May 28th
Now that Apple has launched its Apple News+ magazine subscription service, AppleInsider says that the company plans on shutting down the Texture app on May 28th. The app, known as "the Netflix of magazine publishing," was acquired by Apple last year and immediately rumors started about Apple using the service to launch a premium paid tier of Apple News. Of course, the rumors were true, and earlier this week Apple announced Apple News+. The latter offers over 300 magazines, The Wall Street Journal and the L.A. Times. After a one-month free trial, Apple News+ automatically renews at a price of $9.99 each month.

Meanwhile, Apple has posted this news on the Texture website, saying "Goodbye Texture. Hello, Apple News+." A link is included that allows iOS users to sign up for a free one month trial. Right now, in fact, iOS users with a Texture subscription can simply transition over to Apple News+. Android users with a Texture subscription aren't as lucky since there is no Apple News+ app available for that platform. Android users might want to consider Magzter, available in the Google Play Store. The app is offering one year of unlimited access to over 5,000 magazines for $49.99, a $50 savings off the regular price.

Apple is aiming to do $50 billion in services revenue by 2020, doubling the $25 billion that the unit grossed in 2016. With over 100 million active iPhone units, this is how Apple tries to combat sluggish iPhone sales in key markets. Consisting of Apple Music, Apple Pay, AppleCare+, the App Store, iTunes and more, the race to hit $50 billion will be helped by the trio of new subscription services that Apple announced last Monday: Apple News+, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade (starting this fall).



1. TBomb

Posts: 1458; Member since: Dec 28, 2012

hmm. I don't think Apple will reach $50B in services by 2020. Especially if more devs follow Netflix's path. Maybe Apple TV (not +) because it will force company's like Hulu to pay the 30% most likely, but I don't think it will add any revenue, just reorganize it. If the economy tanks, I feel like superfluous services like access to games, news you can find similar articles for, and exclusive shows would be the first to go. I mean, newspaper and magazine subscriptions have been down for a while, right? and any "real" reader will tell you there's nothing like holding the physical book - I'd imagine the same is for avid newspaper readers?

4. sgodsell

Posts: 7337; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

I think it's crappy of Apple to drop Android support altogether. But I expect nothing else from a company like Apple.

2. Mrmark

Posts: 392; Member since: Jan 26, 2013

Dumb to rename the texture app IMO . They should have just said Texture be apple

5. Rigmaster

Posts: 234; Member since: Jan 22, 2018

Apple should have been clear about downloaded past issues and access to back issues.

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