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Texas Govenor Perry tosses away an Apple iPhone at Motorola Moto X facility

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Texas Govenor Perry tosses away an Apple iPhone at Motorola Moto X facility
Texas Governor Perry is about to toss his Apple iPhone
The decision by Google's wholly owned Motorola subsidiary to open a new plant in Texas has been a boon to the area. 2000 new jobs in the Fort Worth area were created and these are jobs in the high tech industry. During a recent tour of the plant,  Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside explained why his company isn't upset about paying more for labor. Woodside believes that the productivity of the plant can be improved, which will save money as will changes to the design of the phone. And Motorola is lucky that the factory is in the middle of a shipping hub which allows the company to offer quick turnaround times on new orders.

The most dramatic part of the tour involved the CEO of...Texas. Governor Rick Perry was on hand, along with Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, for a tour of the facility. Perry did something that will endear him to legions of Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry owners. After being told by Woodside that he was getting a Motorola Moto X phone of his own, the Governor tossed his iPhone onto the floor. Perry might not get the Apple vote for the next election, but if the area near the plant has an economic reversal, he will win the hearts of many more voters in the region.

source:   Engadget

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