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Temple Run for Android in beta testing

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Temple Run for Android in beta testing
There have been persistent rumors for the last few weeks that the extremely popular iOS game Temple Run would be making its way to Android sometime this month, but there was never anything substantial enough that we felt the need to pass it on. Finally though, there has been some word from developer Imangi Studios regarding the work on the Android version of the game. 

The rumors had been that Temple Run would make it to Android sometime this month, but given that we only have a couple days left in the month, that is obviously not going to happen. However, Imangi Studios has come out and said that the game is getting much closer. Apparently, the game is in beta testing right now and that the official release date for the game should be announced very soon. 

That said, there has been some Temple Run clones popping up in the Android Market trying to grab users that are getting impatient, but those are not real, and there have even been reports that one of the clones was a vehicle for malware. Although, those reports are fairly flimsy since no one can quite agree on what "malware" actually is on a mobile device, and it does seem as though that clone is gone from the Market anyway. 

So, be careful not to download any clones and we'll let you know when the real Temple Run hits the Android Market. 

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