Tear-down of the Microsoft KIN TWO sheds some light to its power

Tear-down of the Microsoft KIN TWO sheds some light  to its power
Without performing a proper tear-down, the Microsoft KIN TWO's only visual superior difference can be see with its higher resolution touchscreen. That's where Chipworks and iFixit came together in executing the diligent task of carefully taking apart the handset to unveil its silicone based interior. You'd be surprised at what's running under the hood of this feature phone that sports the same $30 data plan as its smartphone counterparts. Not necessarily things that you'd consider to be found in a social networking focused device, the Microsoft KIN TWO packs an NVIDIA Tegra APX2600 processor, 8-megapixel IMX046 Sony image sensor, Qualcomm QSC8065, Texas Instruments WL1271A (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and FM Radio together), and a USB 2.0 transceiver. In addition, there are many others to be found sandwiched together without taking up that much room – but then again, it really makes you think about all of the technology that goes into a feature phone like the Microsoft KIN TWO.

Microsoft KIN TWO Specifications | Review

source: iFixit & Chipworks via BGR & Gizmodo



1. locoboy808

Posts: 53; Member since: Oct 08, 2009

the next time they need to have and micro sd card slot .. i like to take video and pitchers with my phone .. but i like to go to walmart and i like to develop my pitchers.. right on that day... cant do it with this phone.. and its A new software no games no nothing only whats on the phone.. sucks ... i hope the next time they think' things out before making it..

2. Doakie

Posts: 2478; Member since: May 06, 2009

Too bad the OS sucks so bad, put Android or WebOS on it! :)

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