Take a look at Google's Zurich offices: is this your dream workplace?

Take a look at Google's Zurich offices: is this your dream workplace?
Just yesterday Google stock surged past $800 apiece as the company continues steady growth, but a lot about Google's success is about the people who work there. The company has long had a mission of attracting the best talent in the industry and it has set the bar extremely high providing great remuneration and benefits. It is not just about the money, though, it is also about the environment which Google knows is very important for keeping its employees happy.

They are actually so happy Google has been voted the best place to work for once again in 2012. 

And with offices like the Zurich one, we can understand why. Google has been one of the first companies to pay special attention to office planning, including innovative recreational spaces and even quite rooms when one could go for a 15-minute power nap. It also serves great food made with local produce with larger seating arrangement so you can meet new people that you normally don't work with at lunch. 

All of those philosophies are baked in the Google Zurich office in a pretty unique way. Take a look at it below, and you might get a better understanding of why Google has been so successful attracting and keeping talent lately.

source: Camenzindevolution

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