T.V. ad for T-Mobile's myTouch 3G Slide debuts with focus on Genius button

T.V. ad for T-Mobile's myTouch 3G Slide debuts with focus on Genius button
T-Mobile had been using celebrities when advertising its myTouch line of Android phones. With the original spots discussing customization of the device, sports stars like Laker coach Phil Jackson, Hall of Famer Cal Ripkin and comic Chevy Chase were some of those who participated in the commercials. When the myTouch 3G Fender launched, who else but Eric Clapton and his Strat could promote the phone. Now, with the myTouch 3G Slide, T-Mobile has moved away from using the rich and famous. The phone's debut commercial features a family that uses the device's Genius button to find an ice cream parlor and a shopping mall in the woods. Pressing the button activates the unit's voice command capabilities and allows the user to request a search or even send a text or e-mail hands free. Check out the ad below and let us know if it makes you want to run out right away to T-Mobile to buy a myTouch 3G Slide.

T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide Specifications

source: T-Mobile via TmoNews


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1. zerglisk

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On father's day special, the t-mobile store around my house sold out the white version, but there are still some stock for red and black. My first impression to this phone is that it is SO heavy. The genius button works like a track ball and also serves for other purposes. Other than being too heavy and a puny 600 MHz cpu, I think it is a good phone, but not great.

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