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T-Mobile 's latest Un-carrier announcement deals with live customer service

We wonder how many business schools use T-Mobile as a case study in how to turn around a company. Back in September 2012, T-Mobile named John Legere CEO and things started to change from that moment on. Mired in fourth place among the four major U.S. wireless providers, T-Mobile was behind in building out its LTE network and many consumers only knew of the company because of its spokeswoman Carly.

If we had to pinpoint when T-Mobile became a player, it would be at CES 2013. That was when Legere called AT&T's network a four letter word for fecal matter. From that moment on, Legere and T-Mobile became the most innovative of U.S. carriers. The company got rid of subsidized phones and two-year contracts, and started offering new features like Music Freedom, Data Stash, and Netflix On Us with "Un-carrier" announcements.

Legere, with his brash manner, long hair and magenta-tinged wardrobe, has become a tireless spokesman for his company. Today, he was out front again as T-Mobile unveiled the latest Un-carrier move. Called T-Mobile's Team of Experts, the carrier says it has removed the biggest pain-point for customers, which it says is the old and broken customer care system. That means no more robots and no more automated menus. You won't have to yell "representative, representative" on the phone and get transferred from one department to another. Perhaps the best part of this initiative is that customers won't have to listen to that crappy muzak playing in their ears as they wait to be sent to another department.

Instead, T-Mobile says that "With Team of Experts, when you call or message T-Mobile, you get a tight-knit team dedicated to you and others in your city." With its announcement, T-Mobile says that the carrier's customers will be treated like rock stars wherever they go. The carrier is now giving subscribers a free annual subscription to music streamer Pandora and access to special tickets for live shows and concerts produced by Live Nation. That includes seats held aside in sold out sections, and discounted ducats.

Check out T-Mobile's videos about its new Team of Experts initiative. One, starring Rainn Wilson from The Office, can be seen at the top of this article. The second video can be viewed directly below.

source: T-Mobile


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