T-Mobile's $59.99 Even More Plus unlimited plan has been canceled

T-Mobile's $59.99 Even More Plus unlimited plan has been canceled
Earlier today, we received the official word from T-Mobile regarding the launch of its competitive $79.99 per month Even More unlimited plan, however, it was indeed strange to find the rumored Even More Plus pricing omitted from their press release.

It was only yesterday when we reported that T-Mobile would surprise everyone by offering a $59.99 unlimited plan to its Even More Plus customers, but now it seems that we won’t see it at all – especially when it wasn’t mentioned in their press release today. Although the exact reasoning behind its demise is unknown, it was expected to come along with a very quiet launch. Naturally, word travels very quick in the tech universe – which doesn’t necessarily provide that “quiet” atmosphere they were hoping to execute with.

Nonetheless, the $79.99 Even More unlimited plan should suffice people, but then again, it would’ve been a resounding hit with their other offering.

source: TmoNews



1. box unregistered

I called T-Mobile this morning and asked to be switched to it, and they said they would be able to except, since I was in contract, I couldn't; also my corporate discount wouldn't have applied, so it would have been a few dollars more than I'm spending now. So is the resident t-mob basher at it again with biased hopeful speculation, or is this actually factual?

2. Exile SS

Posts: 40; Member since: Oct 07, 2010

I don't see this being true. I called this morning around 10:40. I was already on the Even more Plus plan with a MT4G with 500minutes, unlimited data, and unlimited messaging. I asked the woman to be switched to the Unlimited plan and she did so. I just checked my account now at 7:22pm and i still have the unlimited minutes.

7. Antbed32 unregistered

Frm my understanding via the email we recieved...at the time it was told to us tht we sud nt offer this promo cuz it wasnt available in our system (watson) and it was gonna b removed by midnight so I think it was still available through customer care...

8. Antbed32 unregistered

According to tht screenshot which I apparently paid little attention to...thts actually the exact email we recieved yesterday...sry

9. Exile SS

Posts: 40; Member since: Oct 07, 2010

Just an update I still have my unlimited. And its still 59.99

10. AJ unregistered

My husband called on 13th and got it , I called today and have been told its cancelled. He is the lucky one and I always get screwed. I am so pissed right now!!!

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