T-Mobile tucks in a new 3,000 minutes family plan into its mix

T-Mobile tucks in a new 3,000 minutes family plan into its mix
Either there were a lot of customers going over their minutes on T-Mobile's 1,500 minutes family plan or maybe customers feel they needed some breathing room, but it looks like T-Mobile responded by employing a new 3,000 minutes family plan. Snug in between their unlimited and 1,500 minutes family plans, the new 3,000 minutes option will undoubtedly be seen as a much needed thing for T-Mobile customers who don't necessarily require an all-you-can-eat offering, but still need a decent dose above 1,500 minutes. Although initial pricing for the first two lines might look similar to the unlimited family plan offering on the surface, the $99 per month option for the new 3,000 minutes plan is differentiated when tacking on additional lines after the first two. It'll only cost $5 for the third, fourth, and fifth lines added to the 3,000 minutes family plan as opposed to the hefty $40 add-on for the unlimited plan offering. Additionally, overage fees are obviously different too as the 3,000 minutes plan tacks on $0.45 per minute that you go over while it's non-existent on the unlimited plan. Now that this is now available, we're sure that there might be plenty of customers out there happy to see this new option at their disposal.

source: T-Mobile via IntoMobile

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