T-Mobile takes a shot at Verizon in new ad promoting its 700MHz Extended Range LTE service

T-Mobile takes a shot at Verizon in new ad promoting its 700MHz Extended Range LTE service
This commercial for a wireless carrier features geese flying in unison, with a voice-over announcer talking about how this carrier has grown faster than any other mobile operator. With the geese in the ad, it has to be for Verizon, right? Wrong. "It's not who you think," says the announcer as the image of the geese quickly turns into a guitar player and a drummer with a pink background. "It's T-Mobile," exclaims the voice-over talent, using the same breathless voice that one would use to announce the arrival of a super hero.

The ad mentions the Extended Range LTE service that John Legere and company now have covering more than 170 markets. Using low frequency 700MHz spectrum, LTE Band 12 travels farther and penetrates buildings better. T-Mobile thinks so highly of this deployment that it has started a Lifetime Coverage Guarantee for those who purchase the Apple iPhone 6s or Apple iPhone 6s Plus. Return either phone within the first month of purchase for a full refund. After the first month, T-Mobile will unlock your new iPhone so that you can use it on another carrier. And you will receive a refund for one month of service.

To hammer home to consumers that the spotty T-Mobile wireless coverage is a thing of the past, a map of T-Mobile's LTE markets is displayed while the announcer asks, "Think you know our LTE coverage? Think again." The carrier's coverage map estimated for the end of this year is displayed. The commercial also points out how the 700MHz signal goes "twice as far and is four times better in buildings."

Will Verizon retaliate, or did T-Mobile cook its goose?

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source: T-Mobile via FierceWireless

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