T-Mobile now offers Motorola CLIQ XT for $129.99

T-Mobile now offers Motorola CLIQ XT for $129.99
T-Mobile is now offering the Motorola CLIQ XT for $129.99 with a 2 year contract, $329.99 with no contract. The device is similar to the previously released Motorola CLIQ, but with a few changes. Gone is the physical QWERTY keyboard and added is the upgraded media player which offers many features as we showed you in an earlier story. For example, lyrics to the song that you are playing can be displayed on the screen and there is an Internet radio feature. Album art is pulled off the web and TuneWiki provides more info on artists and songs. The CLIQ XT rolls out with the dated Android 1.5, but it does offer Flash Lite in the browser so that you can catch some of the animations and cartoons that you might not see on other less equipped models. The MOTOBLUR UI is on board, providing integration of all your social networks so you can easily keep up with your buds and they can keep up with you. With the HTC HD2 exactly one week away from being launched by the nation's fourth largest carrier, will anyone really be rushing over to T-Mobile to pick up a Android model designed for the entry level buyer?

Motorola CLIQ XT Specifications | Hands-on

source: T-Mobile via AndroidandMe



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