T-Mobile launches Samsung T319 and color PEBLs


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It seems that the T319 is NOT Bluetooth capable, and the only change (compared to the T309) is the color and the speakerphone place - thank you Samsung for the "new" phone ...

The T319, as reported earlier, is Bluetooth capable version of the T309 (which is currently also available from T-Mobile). The new phone also has its Speakerphone moved on the outer shell, so you can speak using it with the shell closed. The T319 is offered in a combination of dark and light blue colors, while the T309 is in black, and both of the devices are $40 with a contract.

Samsung SGH-T319

T-Mobile also launched their new color variations of the PEBL, which is T-Mobile exclusive phone. The little handset will now be available in light blue, light green and orange colors, in addition to the black classic shell. All color variations are available for $100 after a contract.

PEBL complete specifications

Motorola PEBL


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