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T-Mobile is expanding its HSPA+ coverage to a total of 25 markets

T-Mobile is expanding its HSPA+ coverage to a total of 25 markets
Sure they may not technically have a 4G network up and running, but when you consider the speeds that can be obtained with HSPA+, T-Mobile definitely has a healthy offering for its customers nationwide. T-Mobile announced today that they're expanding their HSPA+ network, which potentially has the ability to achieve a maximum speed of 21Mbps, to a total of 25 metropolitan markets. All in all, the number four wireless carrier will bless more than 75 million people across the country before the month is over with its luscious aura. With that in mind, their webConnect Rocket USB modem will now make an appearance across new markets like Los Angles, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Seattle, Tampa, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and New Orleans. Although the experience can be awe-inspiring to say the least, the carrier continues to flirt with using the term “4G speeds” throughout its press release. Still, we'd imagine most consumers would still be pleased with the faster speeds offered with it over what existing 3G networks provide.

source: T-Mobile


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